Hot tub repair

Taking care of your hot tub has never been easier. Get the qualified repair technicians you deserve from the leading local provider of Bullfrog Spa's.

Get fast and efficient hot tub repair today!

Hot Tub Repair

Keep a healthy hot tub with our hot tub repair services

Don’t let problems fester, call now for an estimate!

Our Washington State licensed staff is factory trained in the proper servicing and repairing of your spa equipment, regardless of the brand of the spa. We will provide professional service at a reasonable price. Our experienced service staff is trained in all aspects of hot tub repairs, including circuit boards, heaters, pumps, lights and more!

Let us help you in finding the right part for your spa. Simply bring us the older part, with the product name and product number, or you could snap a picture of the part that you need. We will do our best to find you a new or alternative part for your spa.

We cater to your needs of hot tub service & maintenance, cleaning, repairs and much more. Make once a week to once a month appointments, and we will have your spa looking cleaner, and your water safer to be in.